Advanced Theory

Advanced Theory is the core of musical cultivation and education and is taught in individual lessons. Those interested in Higher Theory studies must know the basic theory and have completed at least the 3rd year of solfège, the 1st year of compulsory Harmony and the 4th year of Solfège with a very good grade.

Departments of Advanced Theory: Odic, Harmony, Counterpoint, Wind Instrument Arrangement, Fugue and Composition.

Odic In this class the student is mainly taught the pedagogy of music teaching, especially for general education schools, with basic lessons harmony, piano and the analysis of musical texts.

Prospective students who hold a Degree in Harmony can enroll directly in the 1st year of Odiki or after Qualifying exams in the 2nd year.
Prospective students who do not hold a Degree in Harmony can enroll in the 1st year of Odiki after Qualifying exams.

Duration of studies: 2 to 4 years
Compulsory courses:
Piano (A’ Middle school level)
History (2 years)
Morphology (1 year)
Solfège (4 classes)
Harmony (1 year)
Practical Teaching