Electric Organ

The “keyboard” studies are also based on the technical infrastructure of the classical piano, but here the student has the opportunity to get to know and learn a completely different instrument than the piano, starting to make sounds and play songs from the repertoire he has chosen to occupy with. He learns his place in the band but also outside it and begins to explore and approach these new instruments such as Rhodes, Hammond Organ, Analogue/VA Synths, Strings, Soloing/Shred, Voices, Pads, Synth Bass etc.

In addition, the student is taught how to play various musical styles such as pop, rock, blues, jazz, etc. He teaches the philosophy of synthesizers / workstations and how they work, as well as improvisation. The curriculum includes text reading, study and modern notation of chords, scales, ear training, sampling, sound synthesis, relevant repertoire, sky knowledge and improvisation. Duration of Study: 3 to 6 years Compulsory Courses Theory Solfège Ear training Harmony Orchestration Music Technology History of Music Improvisation Participation in ensembles