Harmony Specialist

Graduates of the ode department or with qualifying exams up to the 2nd year of harmony specialist are enrolled

In this school the student is taught harmony in detail, developing abilities to create four-part harmony of melodies and harmony at first sight on the piano.
Prospective students who hold a Bachelor of Music can enroll directly in the 1st year of the Harmony Specialist or after Qualifying Exams in the 3rd year.

Prospective students who do not hold a Bachelor of Music can enroll in the Harmony Specialist after Qualifying exams in the A’ or B’ year depending on their preparation.

Duration of studies: 3 to 6 years

Compulsory courses:
1. Solfege up to 5th grade
2. Piano 1st year of Middle School
3. Knowledge of simple counterpoint
4. History of music
5. Choir
6. Practice in teaching.