Percussion instruments

The percussion instruments belong to the professional school and are recognized by the state according to the Ministry of Culture decision numbered YPPO/GNOS/33990 (Government Gazette 500/16-9-1987). A condition for a student to be admitted to the percussion department is that they must have good musical hearing and not exceed 24 years of age.

Percussion students of the Renaissance Conservatory have the opportunity to participate in the Renaissance Orchestra from the 1st year of middle school until the completion of their studies.
Levels of Study:
Preparatory School 1 to 2 years
Lower School 1 to 2 years
Middle School 2 to 4 years
Higher School 2 to 6 years.

For particularly talented students or for those who have taken private lessons, the years of study can be reduced following placement tests.
Compulsory Courses:
Theory 3 classes
Solfège 3 classes
Chamber Music 2 years
History of Music 2 years
Morphology 1 year
Organization knowledge 1 year
Teaching experience 1 year
Piano Level 3 Lower school Orchestra or ensemble of musical instruments 2 years
Training in the handling of all percussion instruments (Group exercises with strings or wind instruments, orchestra drum training involves snare-cymbals-drum) 1 year