The piano belongs to the vocational school and is recognized by the state according to the N.D. of 11.11.57 (Government Gazette 229/A/57) “On sanctioning the internal regulations of the Thessaloniki Conservatory” of the Ministry of Culture. Levels of Study Preparatory School 2 to 4 years Junior School 3 to 6 years Middle School 3 to 6 years Senior School 3 or 4 to 6 years For particularly gifted students or for those who have taken private lessons, the years of study can be reduced following placement exams.

Compulsory Courses: Theory 3 classes Harmony 3 classes Solfège 5 classes Chamber Music 3 years (starts from the 3rd year of Middle or 1st year of Senior) Music History 2 years Prima Vista 2 years (sight reading) Morphology 1 year Teaching practice 1 – 2 years (starts from the 1st year Senior) Choir 3 years