The departments of modern theory are in themselves an autonomous faculty. They are adapted to the needs of contemporary music and concern all students involved in contemporary music and beyond. We consider that they are very important and necessary for every student and for this reason we emphasize that the student understands their importance and deepens in them through a process of maturing his musical aesthetics… The way the theories are approached in these departments is not is fundamentally different from classical music theory. The student is taught modern notation and analysis of modern music so that theoretical knowledge is more useful on a practical level and communication between musicians is immediately possible.

The structure of the courses and the teaching material is determined through the official bibliography of valid Universities abroad. Every student who participates in the examination system of the London College of Music has the possibility to register his level of studies in theory, thus having extra points for his parallel development in the instrument he is studying and he is interested in obtaining the corresponding degree or diploma. Duration of Study: 3 to 4 years Compulsory Courses Theory (3 years) Ear Training (3 years) History of Music (3 years) Ensembles (3 years) Rhythmic Ensembles (1 year) Piano (2 years) Music Technology (1 year) Improvisation (1 year) Choir (1 year) Orchestration (1 year) Song Writing (1 year) Instrumental knowledge (1 year) Notation (1 year) Ensembles Considered and necessary for every young musician, in addition to his personal study with the instrument that he has chosen, to participate in a musical ensemble. It is the only way to apply everything he studies under the guidance of the teacher and test himself in real conditions.

The musical ensembles (workshops) are taught by experienced teachers who, with their knowledge and experience, give all the information the students need to be able to maneuver between different musical genres. Information is given on studying and how to create a repertoire. In addition, the Conservatory organizes concerts with the participation of all musical ensembles and gives students the opportunity to gain the experience of performing live. Duration of Study: 2 to 4 years Compulsory Courses Theory Ear training History of Music Music Technology Improvisation