System of Music-Kinematic Education and Music Pre-education

The music movement course concerns preschool children from 3.5 – 6 years & has main objectives: The development of physical functions: Hearing Children learn to listen to themselves and others, to memorize and recognize sounds. They also know musical instruments.

Voice They learn to sing, the accuracy of the tone, the intensity, the timbre. Movement They learn to accurately and harmoniously connect music with movement, control their body and acquire, among other things, perception of space. • Development of the expressive ability To speak, shout, whisper, imitate as well as communicate and express individually and in the group. • Memory exercise In terms of sound, rhythm and more • Concentration exercise • Development of action in a collective context The child socializes, gets to know the group • Development of imagination Let’s play… gymnastics is the music of the body while music is the gymnastics of the soul!