Contemporary Voice Performance

A. Contemporary the course of contemporary singing (Popular Music Vocals) in addition to the placement of the voice, the utilization of the student’s ability and his technical training, is directed towards all types of contemporary music (pop, rock, jazz, latin). Through an integrated study program, it provides all the resources for the student to be able to make singing a worthwhile and dignified occupation and, if he wishes, to acquire a professional relationship with music.

B. Music Theater The field of music theater is an additional specialization and concerns musical theater (musicals) from 1850 to the present day. In addition to the vocal approach, he also deals with dramatization, choreography and the general kinesiology training of the student. This field, in addition to singers, concerns actors and dancers who are interested in the field of musicals.

C. Light – Technical In the light singing section, technical issues and the correct positioning of the voice are taught in principle. Gradually the student develops a repertoire according to the timbre of his voice and the fit to his personal profile. Special emphasis is also placed on the style and interpretation of each song.

D. Orthophony It is a separate course that takes place in small classes or in an individual course and aims at learning to use the voice in the correct way. That is, the student is taught the correct pronunciation of speech and the recitation of verses, the technique of breathing as well as to sing correctly intonation. Duration of Study: 2 to 5 years Compulsory Courses Theory Headphones Ear training Piano Improvisation Music Technology Participation in ensembles