George Polychronakos

He studied at the Victorian College of the Arts (Jazz Department) in Melbourne, where he graduated with honors in 1998. He was taught by internationally renowned Australian Drummers: Virgil Donati, Alex Pertout, Andrew Gander & Peter Blick while being honored with the Gwen Nisbet Music Scholarship for Outstanding Musical Talent as the best student of his school. Until 1992 he lived in Melbourne and collaborated with important jazz musicians of the country such as Graeme Lyall, Tony Gould, Ben Robertson, John Sangster, Joe Chindamo, Keith Hounslow, Doug de Vries, Joeff Cluke, Lisa Young, Christine Sullivan, Linda Cable, John Hoffman , (USA/Buddy Rich Big Band ) , Peter Leitch (Canadian guitar legend) , Rudolf Josel (Austria/Vienna Philharmonic)

Since 1992, living in Greece, he has collaborated with important musicians such as: T. Barberis, G. Kontrafouri, S. Amiri, D. Kalantzi, M. Saridaki, T. Patereli, D. Vasilaki, D. Tsaka, A. Ladopoulos, D. Dimitriadis, G. Samaras, V. Rakopoulos, E. Siamandas, the famous artist Mimi Plessas, etc., while he has accompanied internationally prestigious guests such as: Essiet Okon Essiet & Rex Richardson(USA), Juliet Kelly & Andy Sheppard(UK) , Theodosii Spassov (Bulgaria) & Jari Perkiomaki.(Finland) In 2000 he released his personal CD (LEGEND) entitled ‘BLINK’ in which 11 of the country’s best improvisers participate, performing his own compositions.