Anagennisi Music School Orchestra, Mixed & Children’s Choir

The Orchestra and Choirs that operate at the Renaissance Conservatory are among the best workshops for practice and integration of all students in their artistic and professional careers. The students of the conservatory participate in them without financial burden.

Anagennisi Orchestra

The Anagennisi Orchestra started its artistic journey in the beginning as a small ensemble of strings and wind instruments in the year 1992 under the direction of the conductor and director of the Renaissance Conservatory Timotheus Lignos and then it was established in a small symphony orchestra. It is made up of Middle and High school students, as well as graduates of the Conservatory and professionals.

The conductor was Valentini Mitsis from 1996 to 2000 and Ludmila Limorova from 2000 to the present. The Anagennisi Orchestra has given many concerts to date. In January 1997, at the Old Parliament of the Hellenes, he gave a concert which was broadcast live by the 4th program of the Greek radio and television. In May 1997, with the collaboration of the Mixed Choir of the Conservatory under the direction of Timotheus Lignos, he presented the oratorio “Hallelujah” from Heindel’s “Messiah”. He has also successfully presented major works with the Mixed Choir, such as Bach’s “Matthew Passion” in April 2005, excerpts from Mozart’s Requiem in April 2006, Vivaldi’s “Gloria” in February 2007 and the Missa Brevis in D minor by Mozart in April 2008 in various concert venues. In addition, her repertoire includes orchestral works such as J. Strauss, G. Faurè, H. Purcell, V. Bellini, G. Verdi, Ennio Morricone, Toru Takemitsu, works by Greek composers such as Giorgos Minas, Plato Andritsakis, Nikos Kypourgos, Alexandros Kalogeras, concertos such as Beethoven for piano & orchestra, Telemann for 2 violas, Mozart for Violin and Viola, Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante and operatic works he performs with the collaboration of soloists, etc.

Our conservatory professor Giorgos Minas has been the conductor of the orchestra.
The current conductor is the talented and distinguished graduate of the Anagenisi Stathis Chomatsas Conservatory with studies in Greece and abroad.

Mixed Choir
The Mixed Choir of the Anagennisi Music School was founded in 1990 by the Director and founder of the Conservatory, conductor Timotheus Lignos. It consists of students and graduates of the Conservatory, as well as friends who are fans of the choral ensemble. The repertoire is rich in pre-classical, classical and contemporary works. He mainly performs a capella works and works with the collaboration of the Renaissance Orchestra. The choir’s activities and performances are many and varied. He has presented works and oratorios such as the “Matthew Passions” by Bach, the “Missa Brevis in D ellason” by Mozart, “Gloria” by Vivaldi, works by Greek composers and others, in halls such as “Parnassos”, “Pallas “, in the cultural center “Antonis Tritsis”, in the Spiritual Center of the Municipality of Aegaleo “Yiannis Ritsos”, in the open theater “Alexis Minotis”, in the halls of the Catholic Church and the Evangelical Church of Athens and on state television.

He has also participated in cultural events of various municipalities under the auspices of Unesco. He has distinguished himself in pan-Hellenic competitions of H.O.N, where he won twice the First Prize and Excellence. In addition, under the direction of Maestro Spyros Vigos, he won twice the third place and the bronze medal at the International Choir Competition of the Athenian Polyphony in November 1998 in Rhodes and in November 2007 in Athens. Children’s Choir The Children’s Choir of Odeion Anagennisi started in 1995. It consists of about 25 students from 6 to 14 years old who sing in two-part and three-part form and is the nursery that leads the talented young students to the Mixed Choir. He has participated in pan-Hellenic competitions of H.O.N where he won the 1st Prize. He has sung at the conservatory of Herodos Atticus and the Athens Concert Hall with works by Yannis Markopoulos, he has sung works by Greek composers such as M.Theodorakis, M.Hatzidaki, G.Mina et al., he has collaborated with the Mixed Choir and the Renaissance Orchestra and other great choirs in works by Bach and Mozart Verdi and has a rich repertoire of Greek and English Christmas carols.
Ioannis Vryzakis was conductor of the Mixed Choir for 4 years.
The current conductor is the composer Giorgos Malefakis, a graduate of our Conservatory.

Children’s Choir
The Children’s Choir of the Renaissance Conservatory started in 1995.
The Children’s Choir was directed from 2007 to 2018 by Christina Xydi Lignou, who has completed her studies in choir conducting alongside the great conductor Michalis Oikonomou.
From 2018 to 2022 it was managed by Eleni Sdogou.
Today our conservatory’s piano and theory teacher Roula Tsakrili is teaching