At the Anagennisi Music School we continue with the same passion

At the Anagennisi Music School, we continue with the same passion and love for what we have been doing for 30 years, keeping the values and principles we set from our beginning, but adapting to our times and listening your voice.

“Our goal is for the student to love music as an object and as a process of maturing his personality, as the ultimate goal to make knowledge fun and fun knowledge.
As a result, today’s student becomes tomorrow’s mature listener and not only…”

That’s why…
at the Anagennisi Music School you will find:

icon_idiaitero  Private Lesson

icon_organa  All Organs and Schools

icon_mousikitexnologia  Music Technology

icon_omadikatmimata  Group Sections from 4 years old

icon_mousikokinitiki  Mousikokinitiki

icon_mousikipropedia  Music Propedia

icon_mousikotheatriko  Music Theater Workshop

icon_xorodia  Children’s Choir

icon_mousika  Music Sets

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