451 Graduates / 32 Years of Experience
Year of Establishment 1990
Recognized by the state,
No. Ministry of Culture Decision 24073/1455/27.8.1990 FEK 589/10.9.1990

The Anagennisi Music School was founded to satisfy the imperative demand of renewal and rebirth in the musical education of our region. It is a place where learning music is done with seriousness, organization and full planning by qualified and experienced teachers.

Taking into account the modern requirements of music education, in the school year 1990-1991, the musician and conductor Mr. Timotheus Lignos founded the Renaissance Conservatory, a jewel in the Attica basin, a model in places and study methods.

The programs are adaptable, flexible and accessible for all ages to meet the diverse needs of our students. Learning the instruments takes place in individual lessons. The students’ musical training is complemented by group classes in theory, solfège, acoustics, choir, music history, morphology, music technology, music ensembles, etc.
All compulsory theoretical courses are held in small classes as the aim is to assimilate the studies and not to commercialize them.

The activities of the Renaissance Conservatory are complemented by educational seminars per faculty, educational lectures, concerts, cultural excursions, etc.

For the study and research of each student, there is a library and a CD library that is constantly being enriched in order to provide the correct information to each interested party. All instruments and teaching areas are in excellent condition and are available for students to study.

Those who wish to get to know the wonderful world of music with us, we invite you to visit us at the Conservatory and to answer any questions you may have. It will be our honor and pleasure to meet you in person.

Yours sincerely
Timotheus G. Lignos
Director – Founder of the Anagennisi Music School

Anagennisi Music School

The Anagennisi Music School from 1990 until today.
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