Invitation – String Orchestra

Every exercise in harmony, counterpoint and fugue is potentially a small composition. The purpose of the workshop is exactly this, to bring these small compositions to life, performed by a string quartet.

The workshop will consist of three sections:

1st section: the string quartet (Fani Parakseopoulou/Achilleas Beris – violin, Giorgos Malefakis – viola, Elli Ketetzian – cello)
will interpret the compositions of the students of higher theories:
Myrto Bundali, Panagiota Chronopoulou, Anna Kokkaki, Yiannis Christidis, Periklis Fotiadis, Vrettos Samios – Harmony
Vicky Demertzis, Despina Livanou, Haris Papamichail – Counterpoint
Alexandros Najjar – Fugue

2nd module: Smaragda Pavlidou and Othonas Valeras (NTUA students) will present a lecture on: “Introduction to the physics of sound and music”

1. What is sound?
2. What differentiates music from other sounds?
3. The mathematics of musical sound waves – Harmonics
4. Experiment: Visualization of harmonics

3rd module: The workshop will close with a small concert by the female vocal ensemble Mind the heels.

The workshop will take place on Sunday 10-12-2023 at 15.00 in the welcoming space of the Anagennisi Conservatory.

Laboratory manager: Giorgos Malefakis

The entrance is free

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