Dimitris Paraschos

She started playing the guitar at the age of 12 with a teacher named Ch. Panagopoulos at the Echo Conservatory in Petroupoli. After 2 years of study and due to excellent progress, he is successfully placed in the second year of Middle School. He participates in a competition of young guitarists while at the same time attending lessons with teacher V. Boutounis. In the year 1999 he received the Degree in Guitar with a grade of “Excellent” while at the same time attending Advanced Theory with professor P. Metallinos where he received the degree in Harmony with a grade of “Excellent” – year 1997.

He continues his studies at the “Athenaeum” Conservatory with professor G. Mouloudakis (guitarist of M. Hadjidakis) where in 2009 he received the Guitar Diploma with the grade “Excellent & First prize”. He has attended guitar seminars with D. Russel, O. Ghiglia as well as courses in the interpretation of pre-classical music works with University professor P. Adams. Recently he has been studying and applying modern music books (Jazz, Blues) on the classical guitar. Since 2002 he has been working as a teacher of acoustic and classical guitar in Conservatories and also in Primary Education.