George Mavrommatis

Georgios Mavrommatis was born on 21/07/1986 and grew up in Piraeus. From the age of 5, he began his involvement in music. He officially started his studies at the age of 12 as a student at the Classical Guitar school of the Terpsithea Conservatory with teacher Dimitris Lazarakis. After many distinctions in Panhellenic Competitions (Filona, H.O.N., etc.) he graduated in the year 2012 at the Diploma level with a grade of Excellent & Second Prize.

Then he studied with: Pericles Sofio, Costas Kotsiolis and George Argyropoulos. In all these years he also dealt with the modern idioms of music with numerous participations in seminars, music groups, concerts and recordings. Active in teaching as well as on stage for more than a decade, he is characterized by his hard work and patience. In a continuous effort by himself and his colleagues to improve the level of study as well as the visibility of the students and the Conservatories in which he teaches.